The TMS Process at BrainStim Centers



The TMS Process

We value our patients and look forward to learning how we can best support your healing process. Once you reach out to our offices, you will be contacted by a dedicated team member. This person will become your primary point of contact moving forward. Your dedicated team member will help you with questions, set up your patient profile, review your medical history and provide you with an assessment to define your specific needs. Your dedicated team member will also help you with insurance and scheduling.

The first step in your treatment process is an MRI. This is a brief, painless procedure that will give BrainStim Centers, Inc., precise information to enter on our SmartFocus Nexstim system.

The second step in your treatment process will be at one of our BrainStim Centers, Inc. offices with our BrainStim NextStim Smart Focus TMS System specialist. If you are being treated for depression, your referring psychiatrist will also be present.  During this initial brain navigation session, we will schedule you for a 90-minute appointment, but we don't anticipate it taking that long. This meeting tailors the NextStim Smart Focus TMS system and future TMS sessions to your specific brain activity, shape and size, to address your unique needs.

After your brain navigation appointment, subsequent appointments will be regular and brief, occurring daily for the duration of your treatment. This consistency is required to bring about the positive change necessary in your nerves and tissues. For the best results, please expect to receive treatment for 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. The length of your treatment will depend on your medical assessment. During each treatment, you will rest comfortably in the NextStim chair and a tracker will be placed on your forehead. This tracker engages with the system so the computer can pinpoint the exact location to send gentle magnetic pulsations to essentially wake up your brain tissue and functionality. TMS does not disrupt your cognitive abilities and studies show that over time it's possible they may be enhanced. After your treatment, you simply return to your daily routine.

Throughout your treatment process, you will have periodic assessments to evaluate your overall mood, energy, and progress. Please speak to your dedicated team member to arrange a schedule that works for you!

TMS research suggests that 70-80% of patients experience full recovery, with some returning periodically for follow up care.

The staff of BrainStim Centers, Inc. is here to support you in understanding the full TMS process. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with your treatment program, and that the service we provide you is of the highest quality. Our goal is to help you access your best self with our specialized services. Please do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. We look forward to helping you. 

Insurance and Pricing

Although in Europe TMS is approved for chronic pain and tinnitus, at this time in the U.S., depression is the only condition covered by insurance. If you are calling regarding depression, your insurance policy may cover all or part of your services. We will help you schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist for a referral and will help you to verify with your insurance. Most psychiatric referral appointments can be done through telemedicine from the safety of your home. If you do not qualify or are calling for a condition other than depression, call us to discuss financial alternatives.


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