Stay Active During COVID-19 with BrainStim Centers

COVID-19 took us all by surprise and has definitely kept us under the unknown for way too long. For many of us, staying at home means giving up on a daily routine. With fitness centers such as yoga and Pilates studios closed, we have had to adapt to a new normal. 

Why should I care and keep my body moving? 

Working out is not only about physical appearance or feeling strong. Working out helps to decrease stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine in our bodies. After a workout, your body's chemical balance will positively change leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. 

Moreover, working out has similar effects as antidepressant medication. The purpose of antidepressants is to increase the amount of serotonin—your happy hormone. Working out can also help manage anxiety and panic attacks. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that physical stress during working out mirrors those attacks. The more you work out, the better your response will be during those overwhelming moments. According to the APA, it has been proven that at least 30 minutes a day of any type of physical activity can make a huge difference and increase the amount of serotonin in your body! 

What can I do when my gym is closed? 

Gym closures don’t mean we can’t workout anymore. There are numerous physical activities to choose from such as walking, bike riding, dancing, hiking, yoga, Pilates…you name it! You can stay active outside of your house, get some fresh air, and go for a walk or hike. If you prefer to stay indoors, YouTube has a great selection for at home workouts or you can find workout applications for any smart device. We recommend checking out Pamela Reif for workout videos and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. These two women can change your life and you don’t even need to leave your living room! 

Here at BrainStim Centers, we offer free classes via Zoom.  Join us for one of our Zumba, Meditation, Yoga, or Pilates classes. This is a great opportunity to explore new outlets to help manage any stressors you may be facing. 


Our upcoming Zoom classes are:

Monday, November 30 -Zumba with Dario at 7pm

Monday, December 14- Breathwork & Meditation with Wendy Hassenpflug 7pm

Tuesday, December 29- Pilates with Cristina 11:30am

Send an email request to to recieve a link to our zoom classes.


Aleksandra Borowska Aleksandra Borowska is a TMS, Billing, and Social Media Specialist at BrainStim Centers. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in German Philology, a history of languages and cultures, from Breslau University in Poland. Recently she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University Northridge. Aleksandra has had training in both the hospital setting as a nursing assistant in Germany, and while studying in the United States, she worked as a childcare specialist in Los Angeles. Alex speaks several languages and enjoys being in nature, hiking, and traveling.

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